5-8-20 Upper body volume

Main work

  •  Bench press- wide grip 9x3x80%

Auxiliary work

  • tricep rollback 4x12-14
  • db shoulder press 4x12-14
  • banded tricep pull down 4x-12-14


Garage Gym "Quarantine Ladder"
14 min ladder

4 push press
4 db floor press
4 burpees
5 push press
5 db floor press
5 burpees
6 push press
6 db floor press
6 burpees
7 push press
7 db floor press
7 burpees
8 push press
8 db floor press
8 burpees

Keep going up in number until you reach 14 mins

Recommended weight for push press is 50% of your 1RM push press. Recommended weight for DB press floor press 35lbs.

Scale weight as needed.
Score by time. Note in comments what number you ended with

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