6-1-21 TUESDAY Upper body volume

6-1-21 TUESDAY Upper body volume

Main work

  • Bench 6x6

    add 5lbs from last week's volume work. If you missed last week and just joining in today, the work is 6x6x75-80%
  • DB tricep press 4x8-10 heavy as possible
neutral grip- elbows closer into the body
  • Lat pull down narrow grip 5x10
  • single arm banded Lat pull down 5x15-20 each side
the "Lock" pull down
  • superset with little rest:
    • 3x8-10 seated shoulder press (barbell or dumbbel)  moderate
    • 3x8-10 barbell upright row - moderate
    • 3x10-12 bent over rear delt raise  light/moderate

finish with
100 banded facepulls
1x100 banded tricep pull downs
50 barbell pushups

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