6-2-20 Max Effort Upper body

Main work

  • Work up to a heavy Push Jerk
    if you're unsure of the movement, sub today with a max effort Push Press

Auxiliary work

  • Bench 3x8-10 @60% wide grip
    lower weight if needed as it will be super set into the other movements
  • DB lat side raise 3x12-14
    moderate weight - make the last few reps really burn
  • Incline rear delt fly 3x12-14
    light/moderate weight
  • DB pull over 3x8-10
    moderate to heavy weight
  • DB skull crusher 3x12-14
    light/moderate weight

Garage Gym "Countdown"

  • Push Jerk @60%
    Those push jerks are to be unbroken for at least 10 reps. Lower weight if needed. Sub with push press if needed.
  • Pull ups
    scale in anyway needed.. banded, ring rows, or even barbell bent over rows

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