6-30-20 Max Effort Upper

Main Work

  • Bench 5x2
    Work up in weight but don't go too heavy that your form looks like shit. We are still getting back on schedule from the Girls Gone RX competition so you may not be at maximum recovery today. It's ok. Just get under some heavy weight but keep your form looking good.
  • Push press 4x6
    Moderate weight and work up in weight each round

Auxiliary work
back & shoulders. Keep rest short between sets at 15-30 secs

  • Lat pull down 3x12-14
  • Single arm bent over row 3x10-12
    Superset these two movements then move onto to shoulders
  • arnold press 3x8-10
  • chain lateral side raises 3x12-14
    Superset these two movements rotating together. If you don't have access to a chain for the lateral raises, sub with dumbbells


15 mins AMRAP

  • Burpees

Training notes:
Wow 15 mins is a long time. Pace yourself and don't rush into it so that you don't gas out before the 15mins. If you need to modify the burpee, you can choose to elevate to a bench or punching bag on the floor. Walk them out if you have to just keep moving!  Let's see an epic of your after burpee selfie!!

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