7-10-20 Volume upper body

Main Work

  • Bench 5x3x85%
    On your last set do as many reps as possible
    If your weight moves well and feel strong today, increase weight by 5-10lbs (only if you keep good form).
  • Push press 1x10
    Work up to a 10 rep heavy. This may take you 2-4 sets to get to your heaviest set of 10

Auxiliary work

  • seated barbell shoulder press 3x6-8 (light/moderate weight)
  • single arm bent over row 3x6-8 each side (moderate/heavy weight)
  • pull ups 3x8-10 (strict, banded, or kipping)
  • banded rear delt fly 3x20

end with,

5 rounds tabata 20 secs work/10 secs rest of:

  • banded abductor
  • banded donkey kick- right
  • banded donkey kick- left
  • weighted & banded glute thrusters

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