7-12-19 Upper body

  • Bench 5x5@50-60%
  • landmine rows 4x10-12
  • banded lawnmower pulls 3x8 each side *ps I made this name up so it may not come up in an internet search. I'll post video at 430 & 530am classes. **tie a band at the base of your power rack- pull as you would to start a weed wacker or old lawnmower ;)
  • DB lateral raises 3x12


complete the following or stop at 15mins:

  • 10 power snatches
  • 10 barbell push ups
  • 10 weighted sit ups
  • 9 power snatches
  • 9 barbell push ups
  • 9 weighted sit ups
  • 8 power snatches
  • 8 barbell push ups
  • 8 weighted sit ups
  • 7 power snatches
  • 7 barbell push ups
  • 7 weighted sit ups

KEEP going until you reach (1) of each movement or 15mins **if needed substitute power snatches with power clean & press

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