7-20-20 Max Effort Lower Body

Warm up:

  • banded glute kick backs or clam shells
  • light goodmornings for hamstrings & back
  • sit ups to get abs ready for bracing
  • shoulder mobility to be ready for the bar on your back

Main work

  • Squats 3x5x70%, 2x3x80%, 3x1x90%
    If everything feels strong today work up to 100% or more for a new PR. If it feels too heavy stay with the percentages.

Auxiliary work

  • Goodmornings 3x6-8 light/moderate *banded if possible
  • Front foot elevated split squat 3x5 each side
  • Calf raises 3x30 *weighted if possible
  • back extension or reverse hyper 3x12-15

Conditioning work

6 rounds tabata 30 secs work/15 secs work of:

  • DB lunges
  • banded or weighted sit ups
  • lateral box jumps

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