7-21-21 MAX EFFORT upper

7-21-21 MAX EFFORT upper

Main work

  • Strict overhead press 3x1x90% or new max
  • Strict press drop set 3x5x70% of today's max


  • SSB JM presses 3x10
  • "Louie" push up 2x max reps sets against bands
    wide grip - use football bar if possible - feet on 12 inch box
    if you're not able to perform with bands and feet on box, modify without band and not box. It will come!
  • drop set 1x max reps no band
  • Pendaly Barbell Rows 3x10 + 1-2 chain each side
  • One arm db row 3x10 each side
  • Core/abs:
    • standing side bends 4x30
  • End with:
    • Flat DB tate presses 4x20
      view HERE
    • Cable or banded face pulls 4x20

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