8-15-19 Lower Body Volume

Thursday the 15th starts the new 9:15am class!

  • SSB Squats 5x5x75% *use another specialty bar if you don't have a SSB
  • Deficit Deadlifts 8x2x75%
  • Barbell hip thrusters 4x14*
  • Reverse hyper or back ext 4x15
  • DB Squat to lunge 4x6 each side *

Then Booty Bootcamp Tabata Style

today we take our bootcamp up a notch and do 4 rounds of 20secs work, 10 secs rest

  • fire hydrants left
  • firs hydrants right
  • diagonal leg raises left
  • diagonal leg raises right

*Note- the hip thrusters & squats to curtsy have been added to the workout

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