8-2-19 Volume upper body

  • work up to a 3 rep (2) board press
  • Bench 4x6 with bands *use all three grips
    wide, med, & narrow (2 reps w/wide grip, 2 reps w/med grip, 2 reps w/narrow grip = 6 reps)
  • bicep curls 4x12-15
  • tricep skull crusher 4x12-15
  • db shrugs 4x12-15
  • banded bent over tripcep kickback 4x15-20 each arm


  • 100 banded reverse flys
  • 100 banded bicep curls

*break these up in sets if needed

FINISH with the Booty BOOTCAMP

1 round of: 

  • 12 hip thrusters 
  • 10 fire hydrants (each side)
  • 10 diagonal leg raises (each side)
  • 10 curtsy lunge w/3 pulses (each side) 



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