8-31-21 Tuesday Max Effort upper

8-31-21 Tuesday Max Effort upper

For those with limited equipment

*note- first number is the sets or rounds - next number is the reps

  • DB bench press 4x10
  • DB tricep roll back 4x10
  • DB lat pullover 4x15
  • Barbell push up 1x50
    accumulate 50 reps. rest as needed and/or set your barbell height anywhere you need to accomplish good form

For those with more equipment

Main work

  • Bench press w/football bar + bands
    work up to a 1 rep max
    *if you don't have a football bar use a regular barbell
  • bench bress w/football bar drop down sets 3x3x80%

Auxiliary work

  • Close grip pin press from floor + band or chains 3x8
    Set your back (shoulders pinned together and then pull them down toward your hips). Push your back into the bench and explode. PAUSE each time on the pins. Work up to an 8 rep max
  • JM press 3x8
  • Barbell pushups 1x50
    accumulate 50
  • DB or curl bar Lat pull over to press 3x15
  • ab of choice 1x100

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