10-9-20 Week 1 of 3 week cycle Max Effort upper body

10-9-20 Week 1 of 3 week cycle Max Effort upper body

Warm up
Take 10-15 mins and work on mobility for back & lower body before warming up for bench. Your lower body is just as important as getting the upper body primed when working bench.

1-2 rounds of:

  • bird dog holds each side for 20secs HERE
    focus on making them perfect- get the arch out of your back
  • 50 ab of your choice
  • low lunge hold for 20 secs each side HERE

THEN, warm up upper body

1-2 rounds of:

  • 20 banded pull aparts
  • 10-15 banded lateral raises (thin orange band works well for this)
  • 10-15 banded bicep curls
  • 10-15 db shoulder press

Main work

  • carpet press 3x1 (sets)x(rep)
    If you don't have a "carpet" to use, 2 knee sleeves bound together works as a great alternative. For max effort, the goal is 3 heavy singles at 90% or higher. It's okay to stay at the same weight if you don't think you can go up in weight. Make the grind count for 3 heavy singles!
  • 3x6x75% close grip

Auxiliary work

  • Lat pull down close 5x12-14
  • Db tricep ext 5x10-12
    option to pick your favorite tricep movement, make it burn!
  • Db hammer curl 3x10-12
  • weighted ab crunches 3x15-20
  • Banded tricep pull down 1x100
  • Banded facepull apart 1x100
  • Banded bicep curl 1x100

2nd workout
additional shoulder work

  • Lateral side raises pyramid
    • 4x10- starting light and increasing weight each set
    • rest 15-20 secs
    • 4x10 start with your heaviest and decrease weight each set
  • 3x8-10 db shoulder press - moderate
  • 1x100 reverse band flys (hit the rear delts)
    If your traps are taking over, switch to single arm to target the rear delt HERE

    I'll give a donut to anyone who digs this guys hair as much as I do ;)

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