9-10-19 Back & lower auxiliaries

Hey Team Garage Gym! Our training days will be changing a little to accommodate for the additional conditioning workouts added in.  The new training days will be a rotating cycle. I'll explain a little more as we go along.  Today's work is back and more lower body auxiliary work. Tomorrow will be max effort upper body.

Main Work:

  • Barbell Row 5x8 *work up in weight

Auxiliary work:

  • rounded back seated goodmornings 5x8-10 *sometimes we do these with an arched back but for today allow your back to round in the movement. Stay at a weight that feels comfortable for reps.  See Video Demonstration Here
  • Incline banded lat pulls 5x15-20*on last set go to failure. See Video Demonstration Here
  • sumo deadlifts 5x8-10 *on the last set go to failure
  • straight arm lat pull downs 5x15-20 *on the last set go to failure

end with 4 rounds tabata 30secs work/ 10 secs rest of:

  • Warrior 1 pose (right side)
  • Warrior 3 pose (right side)
  • Warrior 1 pose (left side)
  • Warrior 3 pose (left side)
  • child's pose

*Watch here for Warrior 1 , Warrior 3 Child's Pose


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