9-18-20 Upper body

9-18-20 Upper body

Warm up

When warming up for bench, be sure to warm up abs, back, hamstrings as well. Bench is a full body movement and warming up the other areas of your body will help get into you into a better set up

Main work

  • Bench 3x3x80%
    For those competing Oct 3rd,
    • bench opener
    • 2nd attempt w/reverse bands
    • practice with commands - take video for review
  • Incline bench - close grip 5x5
    moderate weight

Auxiliary work

  • Lat pull down 5x8 - heavy
  • db lateral side raise 5x8 - heavy
  • banded facepull 1x100
  • banded tricep pull downs 1x100
  • banded standing rows 1x100


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