9-3-19 Upper Body Max Effort

Warm up

2 rounds of shoulder warm up

  • 10 mini band pull aparts
  • 6 single arm rotations (each side) *pull apart the mini band with both then rotate one arm out to the side- repeat on the other side

*if you don't have mini bands in your gym use the longer stretch bands and do regular band pull aparts, then attach band to rack and do a single arm rotation

then 3 rounds of:

  • 10 single arm KB clean & press (each side)
  • 5 walk out to updog-down dog - walk back to standing
  • 40 butt kickers

Main Work

  • Work up to a 1 rep max Overhead Strict press from pins 
  • Push jerk 3x6x70%, then 1x”max reps” 

*if you struggle with the form on the push jerk... or not sure what it is, change the max effort movement to a push press

*for max effort work- set pins above shoulders and start the lift from pins. If you don’t have pins or safety racks, get some soon, but in the meantime you can do a regular strict press 

Auxiliary Work

  • Single arm Floor press 3x15 each side
  • bent over rear delt fly 3x15 each side
  • banded high pulls 4x25
  • DB shoulder press 4x15
  • DB lateral raises 4x15

finish with 100 banded shoulder side raises (50 each arm)

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