9-4-19 Challenge Workout #2 Full Body

9-4-19 Challenge Workout #2 Full Body
    If you've said "Challenge Accepted" to the September 4 weeks of 12 workouts, you can skip the "Auxiliary Work" and move to the "Challenge Workout #2"
    Video demonstrations will be posted on our instagram @garagegymbarbell_training

    You will need to get creative for this workout, if you need help with a substitution, send us a message.

    Log your time for "funsies"

    Warm up:

    2 rounds of:

    • 3 forward fold- up dog-down dog (inch worm will do here too)
    • 2 runners lunge with twist both sides
    • 1 swan pose both sides (or another hip opener you prefer)

    *hold each movement 10-15 secs

    then, 3 rounds of:

    • 10 KB swings
    • 20 medball goodmornings
    • 20 banded standing lat pulls
    • 15 banded facepulls

    Auxiliary Work

    3 rounds of:

    • 15 wide grip lat pull downs
    • 12 bent over DB rows
    • 15 incline rows

    if you don't have a lat pull down machine, use bands and do straight arm band pull downs.

    Power Clean Warm up:

    take 5-10mins to warm up to your powerclean weight used in the workout

    Challenge Workout #2

    Complete 3 rounds of:

    • 150ft farmer carry *see weights below
    • 10 Power Cleans @60% of your 1rm
    • 10 Burpees
    • 1 min rest between rounds

    Rest 3-5 mins then complete 3 rounds of:

    • "AMRAP" of barbell push-ups with body parallel *rest 40 secs between rounds 

    Rest as long as you need and then:

    • 1x comment to a Sister of Iron

    motivation is the key to everyone's success.. find a "sister of iron" by searching hastag #ggbchallenge on IG and give a "Hell Yess" or "Well Done" to those completing the challenge!

    Keep track of your time for part one of the workout and how many reps total for part 2


    farmer carry notes & weight: the goal is to move heavy weight fast *

    75lbs each hand for Body weight 140lbs & under, 95lb each hand for Body weight 180lbs & under, 115lbs each hand for over 180lbs bodyweight. 

    If you don't have farmer carry handles use the heaviest dumbbell you have or use a Trap Bar deadlift. You can also substitute with another "heavy carry" like a sandbag or other heavy object you have lying around. The goal is to CARRY HEAVY.

    Are you new to heavy farmer carries? Scale this weight down to something you can accomplish 25lb, 35lb, 45lb, etc.. Scaling is Smart and being Smart = Bonus points!

    Straps allowed

    clean & press: If you don't know what your 1 rep max is for this movement, choose a weight that you feel comfortable 45lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs, etc..

    If you don't have a barbell, use Dumbbells and on each rep tap the floor with head of DB.

    burpees: scale this movement by removing the pushup, walk out burpee, or elevated to box or bench burpee. For those with backs that can't tolerate the movement, substitute with 10 ball slams or 10 plate ground to overhead.

    barbell push-up:  set your barbell low in your rack and elevate your feet to parallel. This will be challenging! Using the upper back is the goal "You can do it put your back into it" {insert smiling}

    setting your barbell higher to the chest level will make this movement easier to get through.. test out a few reps to find a height that challenges you but you can complete at least 10 reps.

    if your wrist can't tolerate being weighted into the barbell OR don't have a rack to mount the barbell, move these to floor push-ups.

     Let’s go!

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