9-5-19 "recovery" lower body workout

Wow, these Challenge Workouts are kicking my butt and hopefully yours too! Today would normally be our Volume Lower Body of squats & deads, but we are going to modify it a bit to get recovery and be ready for Friday's Challenge Workout #3!
For the rest of the month I'll change our heavy/volume days to accommodate for the challenge workouts.
Warm up
2 rounds of:
  • lots leg swings both legs
  • 10 banded donkey kicks each side
  • 3 inch worm

then, 3 rounds of: 30 secs hold/ 10 secs rest

  • high lunge hold (right side)
  • plank hold
  • high lung hold (left side)

Main Work

  • Front Squats 5x5x60%
  • Back extension or reverse hyper 3x12-15
  • sled drag 3x100 ft *light to medium weight

Auxiliary work

  • DB stiff leg deadlift 4x12
  • banded donkey kicks 4x12 each side
  • banded hip thrusters 4x20
  • banded sit ups 4x12-15

then 100 banded walks 50 forward/50 backward

Training Notes:

Front Squats: If you've been following along this week, stick with the front squat percentage. These hard workouts fatigue your body and recovery is needed to.. a) be strong AF next week & b) avoid the risk of injury and overuse. *If 60% feels too "heavy".. are you warmed up well enough? If the answer is yes, then take the percentage down or skip them this week. Better to listen to your body than to get an injury and forced to take time off.

Back extension or reverse hyper: If you don't have access to either of these, work a DB seated goodmoring today.

Sled drag: If you don't have access to a sled, substitute banded walks forward/back. *side note- start saving and get one. A sled is versatile for so many workouts. You can go heavy to build strength/endurance or light for recovery.


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