9-7-20 Max Effort lower body

9-7-20 Max Effort lower body

For those competing Oct 3rd, we will be slowly decreasing intensity & volume. Be sure to stick to the plan so you're well recovered for meet day!

Main work

  • 3x1x80% deadlift
    The goal is 3 singles at 80%. Your rep scheme should look similar to this:
    For those of us competing, work up to your deadlift opener

Auxiliary work

  • back extension 3x12
    if you don't have a back extension machine, sub this movement with weighted supermans- hold light weight and squeeze at the top for 1-2 secs and repeat 12 reps HERE
  • reverse hyper 3x20
    If you don't have a reverse hyper, sub this movement with a ghd, weighted superman, or seated goodmornings
  • banded goodmornings 1x100

Optional Conditioning (if you're competing, skip this) HERE

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