Garage Gym Barbell 12-19 Dynamic Effort Upper

1) Bench "wide grip" 8x8x55%

  • make sure to track your weight on the bar for the 8x8's, the goal is to increase the next week.
  • If 8 reps is too much for "your" shoulders, drop back to 6x6's try to beat your last weight recorded

2) Then 3 rounds of:

"near failure"

  • elbows out tricep extentions
  • seal rows
  • banded sling shot rows
  • hammer curls

3) Then of tabata 8 rounds 20 secs work/10 secs rest:

  • ab mat sit ups
  • shoulder press *light
  • tricep pull downs

4) Optional: 20 mins light cardio of choice:

  • walking
  • eliptical
  • rowing
  • 5-10 min walking outside up/down street (in front of gym) with barbell on back)
  • 5-10 min light sled drag on street


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