Customized Programming Ay Vee

Warm ups are suggested but feel free to do other movements that work for your body. Just be fully warmed before work

Warm up

2 rounds of:

  • 2 up dog down to down dog (or an inch worm) hold for 3-5 secs
  • low runners lunge with/twist (each side)
  • 8-10 back ext or reverse hyper if you have one

then 3 rounds of tabata 20 work/ 10 rest:

  • kb swings
  • sits ups
  • squats
Main Work

Work up to a 1 rep max Box squat at parallel *please set your weight all the way to the box..don't just tap. The goal is to get a vertical shin when sitting on the box. I'll help with form as we go along.

Be sure to record your weight

Auxiliary work
  • front squats 5x3 *work up in weight to your heaviest set of 3. keep in mind this is a working set of three and not a max effort