Garage Gym Barbell 1-22-18 Lower
Warm up: banded abductor leg swings Strength 1) Max Effort Sumo Deadlift from 2in plate 2) then: 100 seated hamstring curls 60 single leg deadlifts (each side) 3) 8 rounds 20/10: box jumps kettlebell swings
Garage Gym Barbell Thursday 12-7 Dynamic Effort Lower Body
Strength work: 1) Dynamic "Parallel" Box Squat 12x2x55% + 2 red bands or chains *if you don't have bands or chains available to you then do 12x2x75% bar weight to a box 2) Opposite Style Deadlift 10x1x70% (Opposite of your...
Monday's Lower body
Monday lower body 1) deadlifts 3x3 * warm up then 3 working sets 2) 3 rounds of: 6 front squats 10 stiff leg deadlifts 12 lunging wall balls 3) 6 rounds of 30 secs work/10 secs rest of: 10m meter...
Thursday 11-2-17 Lower Body Workout
Thursday's Lower Body workout. Garage Gym Barbell provides FREE workouts in an effort to make strength training programing available to those that want it.Β  It's designed for beginners/intermediates. Please fee free to message us with quesitons