Garage Gym Barbell Thursday 11-3 Dynamic Lower Body
Thursday's Lower body dynamic day includes Isometric holds. If you are a beginner, keep working on your back strength and build up to the Isometric hold.
TUESDAY 11-13 Upper workout
1) Bench 5x5x65%, then work up to a 2rep max 2) then 5 rounds of: 30 secs: skull crusher 10 secs: rest 30 secs: kettlebell high pull 10 secs: rest 30 secs: inverted pull up 10 secs: rest 30 secs:...
Monday Lower Body
Monday's Lower Body 1) Max Effort Box Squat  "parallel" 2) Then 3 rounds of: 6 weighted gooodmorings 20 lunging wall ball (8 each side) 3) rest 3mins, Then 3 rounds of: 6 front squats 20 burpee tire flips  See video...
Friday's Upper Body Workout
FRIDAY'S Work: 1) Bench 3x3x75% 2) Then 3 rounds of: 10-12 dumbbell chest flys 10-12 hammer curls 10-12 rear delt flys 3) Then 6-8 rounds of 40 secs work/20 secs rest: barbell or dumbbell clean & press plank w/leg side...
Thursday 11-2-17 Lower Body Workout
Thursday's Lower Body workout. Garage Gym Barbell provides FREE workouts in an effort to make strength training programing available to those that want it.  It's designed for beginners/intermediates. Please fee free to message us with quesitons
Tuesday 10-31-17 Upper Body
Tuesday 10-31-17 Upper body workout 1) Superset the following: shoulder press 4x6 shoulder side raises 4x12 Tricep pull over to press 4x12 landmine oblique twist 4x16 (8 each side) 2) Then 8 rounds 20secs work 10 secs rest of: handstand...
Tuesday 10-24-17

We provide workouts that are "garage gym" friendly with equipment you may have accessible to you. Please feel free to message us a video for review or any questions on the movements, scales or options.  If you do this workout from your own garage... tag us!!!